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Blacklyte Brings Fervor to the Battlefield: Athena & Atlas to Dominate CDL Major 3

by Mirrona LLC 14 May 2024
As the stakes rise and the battlefield heats up, Blacklyte, a formidable force in the gaming industry, is gearing up to make its mark at the highly anticipated Call of Duty League, Major 3 tournament, set to kick off this weekend.
The Call of Duty League, Major 3 tournament stands as a pinnacle of competitive gaming, drawing in the most elite teams from across the globe. Blacklyte's participation in this arena signifies not just participation, but a declaration of intent – to dominate, to showcase unparalleled skill, and to emerge victorious.
Blacklyte stands poised to captivate audiences and adversaries alike with their Athena Chair and Atlas Desk, which players will be using during the four-day long event. This tournament isn't just another battlefield for them; it's a proving ground where they intend to leave an indelible mark.
"Participating in the Call of Duty League Major 3 tournament is more than just an event for us; it's an opportunity to showcase our vision, innovation, and passion for gaming," says Alex Liu, Founder & CEO at Blacklyte. "We've put in countless hours of R&D, honing our strategies and perfecting the final outcome. Now, we're ready to show the world what Blacklyte is capable of."
Be on the lookout for Blacklyte, this weekend at the Mattamy Garden. Fans and viewers will get an early look at the Atlas desk in action on stage, and in the fan village. We're bringing Jacki Jing to the stage with us to host our fan moments and give away some awesome Toronto Ultra Gear. There may even be some additional guest appearances.
Stay tuned to Blacklyte's social media channels for live updates, exclusive behind-the-scenes content, and a front-row seat to all the thrilling moments of the Call of Duty League Major 3 tournament.

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